Champ System

The system comes complete with one Loft Clock, one Two-Field Pad, one 5m Pad Extension Cable, UK Power Supply and Wiring & Installation Instructions and Loft Manual.

High quality electronics with a 2 year product guarantee and 5 year battery guarantee.

The Loft Clock has a 15 button keypad and large clear backlit display.

Manages up to 500 birds.

Records results for up to 5 simultaneous races.

Can be used with multiple Pocket Clocks when racing from different locations at the same time.

Available to purchase with or without Pocket Clock.

The Pocket Clock

The UNIKON pocket clock is the smallest and only contact free Pocket Clock which allows you to take the pocket clock out of the loft clock and still continue clocking your birds.

No electrical contacts on the Pocket Clock to ensure the very best reliability.

Multiple Pocket Clocks can be used on the same Loft Clock when racing from different locations at the same time .



Two-Field Pad (Ring Sensor)

Dimensions: L: 34cm x W: 17 x H: 3.5cm (L: 13 5/8″ x W: 7″ x H: 1 1/2″)

The clever design of UNIKON pads allow them to be fitted along side each other to build any size pad with no dead zones.

When using multiple pads or extended cable runs you may require a Pad Power Booster or Terminator. See product details for further information.

Pad Power Booster

For every 4 two-field pads used with your system or extensive cable run in excess of 40m, it is recommended that you install a pad power booster. This requires its own power supply which can be purchased separately.

Extension Cables

Two-field pad (ring sensor) extension cables are available in the following lengths:

1 metre (3.3ft)

3 metres (9.9ft)

5 metres (16.4ft)

10 metres (32.8ft)

15 metres (49.2ft)

UCR3 Rings

The UNIKON reusable universal split ring. Guaranteed high performance.

Power supply

Power supply units are available for use powering systems or pad power boosters, suitable for UK 3-pin sockets.

Car Battery Adapter

Split Box