This online activation form allows you generate your annual activation code.  By simply entering some basic information about your club and your UNIKON Club Equipment.

You need to be the primary registered keeper of the UNIKON Club Equipment as stated on the signed registered keepers agreement form (green form). If the registered keeper or contact information has changed please contact UNIKON on 01775 717177.  Please make sure that your UCS is on version 4.2 or you will be unable to get an activation code for 2020.  If you require an update please click here.

– Please complete all fields (customers from ROI please leave the postcode field blank).
– To activate your system you will require a code.  This 6 digit code (xxxx-xx) is displayed on your Club Base screen when your full system is connected and switched on.
– This code needs to be entered in the box below labelled ‘Code on Screen’.





(Please include the space e.g. PE11 3YQ)






The code will appear the following screen on your club systems base. This is just an example: